Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Mod Proposal

Our District Attorney, Eddie “thugs and murderers go free” Jordan appears to be up to his eyebrows in his own Gumbo. I’ve covered the sorry spectacle that is Eddie Jordan and the desires to see his sorry ass out on the bricks before, with outrage, reason and criticism.

The Times-Pic fills us in on the latest update on the damages levied by the courts for Jordan’s racially based firing of white attorneys:

Only the city of New Orleans can pay off District Attorney Eddie Jordan's $3.7 million debt to the employees he wrongly fired in 2003, his office says in documents filed at federal court.

Having exhausted -- and lost -- a series of appeals over the federal civil rights case that originated in 2003, Jordan says his budget can't handle the verdict and that his only option is to persuade Mayor Ray Nagin to ask the City Council for the money owed to 36 workers who successfully sued him for employment discrimination.

Let me phrase that less politely:

The turd wants us to pay the damages for his racist and ill-advised decision or else he will…what? Let murderers in other parishes go free? Personally see that his two convictions are overturned?

Anyway…So I guess I am going to try “bargaining” as my angle today. Here is my idea:

We’ll pay the fine, but Eddie’s sorry ass has to resign.

I think it sounds quite reasonable to me, and a damn bargain. Anybody want to get Arnie, Stacey, the Cynthias, etc. on the phone?


jeffrey said...

I remember hearing Nagin on the Garland Robinette show lately say something about how the DA's office is technically sorta more the responsibility of the State than of the City and that he may ask the State to pick up this tab.

Wonder if he has run this theory by PBJ yet.

celcus said...

If you asked C Ray, wouldn't everything, other than awarding contracts, technically sorta be someone else's responsibility?

oyster said...

Actually, from talking to Walt Leger III, it sounds like the DA's office may very well be more the State's than the City's responsibility. Or at least, the State has an equal or greater claim to oversight. I don't know. But Leger said he would help get other legislators to call Jordan up to Baton Rouge for a little chit chat.

Adrastos said...

Leger is right. The DA's office *should* primarily be the state's responsibility. The funding system is seriously out of wack.

alli said...

I emailed Stacy about it today, letting her know that if the city is going to pay this off, he needs to resign. And should probably resign anyway.

This was her response: "There is no debate that the office is a failure. I promise we will do whatever possible to avoid paying this or get something in return."

I'm going to this mayor's breakfast tomorrow at Gallier Hall, so maybe I can ask him then. I doubt it though. From what I hear, he's hard to corner.

mominem said...

Damn BEat me to it.

E said...

I don't know. Why do the man any more favors? Shut down the damn office. Go ahead right ahead, asshole. Oyster's so right, nobody would even notice.