Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Garden of Earthly Delights

The creeping infection of New Orleans style corruption and decadence still rages unabated now more than two years after the Katrina evacuees, or carriers as they more properly should be known, were dispersed to the winds.

I have been documenting the effect on the Great State of New Jersey, as it reels from a wave of corruption and vice previously unknown in the history of this formerly virtuous and upstanding state. My posts, Jersey Bounce and Thorn Tree In The Garden describe some of the challenges the Garden State faces, as a result of the infectious corruption from New Orleans.

But now we hear of this, as described in the Times-Pic, the city of Hoboken, the real birthplace of baseball, has succumb to a new strain of New Orleans style decadence and corruption:

Rushing to the aid of storm victims, about a dozen New Jersey police officers and their chief helped deliver a truckload of relief supplies more than 1,000 miles after Hurricane Katrina and later returned to help provide security for the New Orleans region.

But some on the trip say the good-will visits at times resembled wild road trips that led to charges of lewd and racist behavior involving the SWAT team members and the chief.

I am certain that if he were alive today, Frank, Hoboken’s native son, and famous entertainer, known for his wholesome, family style entertainment and wacky hi-jinx would be appalled. But it gets much worse.

It was during that trip…at one point Hoboken Lt. Angelo Andriani allegedly poked holes in a white napkin and donned it as if he were a Ku Klux Klansman, according to a lawsuit filed last month by the five Hoboken officers, four of whom were on the SWAT team.

Plaintiffs' attorneys later released photos allegedly taken during the Hoboken police officers' next visit to Louisiana to provide security during Mardi Gras, plaintiffs' attorney Louis Zayas said. LaBruno was photographed posing with a woman flashing her breasts. He could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

An upstanding member of the Hoboken community comes to Louisiana and is completely transformed into a racist and becomes obsessed by the sight of female naughty bits, a new addiction that will no doubt this will haunt him forever. Such things have been unheard of in the Garden State until now.

Seen in this light, it makes perfect sense that New Orleans was rejected for hosting a Presidential debate. Considering how susceptible members of the most wholesome of the political parties are, unable to resist the siren call of the airport bathroom (no doubt, Katrina evacuees infected it on their way to defiling another public housing system) it simply would have been irresponsible to subject them to temptation after temptation.


jeffrey said...

If only Hoboken had a fully funded IG's office, then at least someone could be paid to complain about this scandalous behavior.

Leigh C. said...

This is your life and you'll be what you want to be
This is your life and you'll try it all
This is your life and you'll be what you want to be
Just don't hurt nobody
And the big reward's here...

Damn, I'm gonna have that song in my head all day, now. Especially when I think of South Jersey.