Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmast Song

After liprap showed that Christianity has no monopoly on bad holiday video’s, I considered this, which left me speechless…speechless.

Then I considered this, but after Spawn Of John assaulted us with N’ Sync, it would simply have been more than I myself could stand.

But after Oyster went aggressive I had to post the following...wait for the end when the elves come in...consider yourselves warned!

And I am enriching some uranium, just in don't even think about posting "Christmas Shoes".


Greg Peter's lastest salvo may have mortally wounded me, but I have just enough strength left to unleashes the doomsday shroud!


Leigh C. said...

I see your Celine Dion and raise you an "I Have A Little Dreidel". Eat my dust, goyische kopf. 8-)

Leigh C. said...

And that pencil mustache on Gunther CAN'T be real...can it????

Huck said...

Valiant effort, Celsus. Perhaps the best rebound of the bunch to Greg; but still falls a bit short, I think.

Karen said...

I wish I was invited to the after party..