Saturday, December 13, 2008

Last Nights Sleep

Greg notes that technology has been developed to peer into our dreams. Oyster, fresh off a bad holiday video kick, gives us a cir 1984 Dennis Quaid flick that should have remained safely forgotten in the 80’s.

I prefer to think of (and watch) this 1991 Wim Wenders effort, which has been proved to be rather prophetic in more areas than just dream research. Rather than psychics killing people in their dreams, in Wender's film viewing the recorded images of one’s dream prove to be a self destructive addiction.

The soundtrack (which is pretty damn good, including one of my favorite Talking Heads song) features the following lyrics in the song Last Nights Sleep by Can.

Dreams seen by a man-made machine
How does it seem, how does it seem
That we can see each others dreams
That we can see each others dreams

Last night sleep, only to the beat

You can listen to the clip at last FM

Sadly, I can’t locate a good clip of the dream watching sequences from the film, which were created using Sony HD TV technology which was at the time experimental. But here is the trailer, which has a snippet, but can’t be embedded.

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Kendall said...

One of my favorite soundtrack albums, and unfortunately unavailable on iTunes. I have NEVER seen the film. Need to Netflix it.