Saturday, June 05, 2010

Danke Schoen

I’ve not completely fallen of the edge of the world, or been sucked into a plume of oil, just busy with other things. But I have a moment to pass along a bit of semi-good news.

The word on the street is that the Deutsches Haus, now sitting in the footprint of the bazillion dollar medical center development has been given a temporary reprieve. The organization that has celebrated the German contribution to the tapestry that is New Orleans culture will stay put at least through the Octoberfest.

A temporary location has been secured while the future and how much cash they will be awarded for the property is determined. The only snag is that the location is a good bit smaller than the original, with limited meeting space. Anyone who has been around the place when there isn’t a festival going on knows that it can be a real three ring circus with multiple events and meetings on any given night.

And now James Watt and Ferris Bueller's favorite... a little Wayne Newton:

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Tim said...

I know you haven't been blogging a lot of late, but I hope we'll see you at Rising Tide this year. It's going to be fun and we need you there!